Youth Development

Our Youth Development Program program is designed to provide opportunities to enable physical, cognitive, social, and emotional development of youth ages 3 to 17 years old.


Teach individual Skill Development
Teach Teamwork & Leadership Skills
Fun & Competitive Team Play
Parents, Experienced Coaches, and Community Volunteer’s

STEM Programming – Coming Soon

Provides STEM Activities through fun, hands-on, activities that explore science through inquiry-based learning, project-based learning, citizen science, career exploration and family involvement.

Goals for STEM in the Program

Our program will incorporate STEM to:

  • Expose: Increase children’s exposure to STEM through activities such as periodic outdoor experiences, field trips, and science center and museum visits
  • Experience: Increase children’s experience with STEM through, for example, regularly scheduled hands-on science activities, short-term inquiry projects, math games and puzzles, vocabulary use, design-build challenges, committee projects, field trips outdoors, and technology projects
  • Engage: Increase children’s engagement with STEM though regularly scheduled activities, student-directed inquiry projects, longer-term team explorations and more complex projects, or curriculum lessons
  • Enrich: Enrich student’s experience and knowledge of STEM through student-directed projects and inquiry, career explorations, internships, expert partners, site visits, and additional resources
  • Expand: Expand depth and breadth with expert support and partnerships, diversifying fields, internships, longer-term inquiry projects, community problem-solving projects, and presentations


One on One Mentoring
Leadership Develop: Making Positive Decisions
Certified Youth Counselors & Workers
Assist youth in College Preparation or Career Training Readiness goals.

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